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IRI Summit Day Two: New Acquisitions, Partnerships, Products and Services

April 22nd, 2015

Piyush ChaudhariPiyush Chaudhari

Yesterday was the first full day of IRI’s 2015 Summit and to our delight this year’s attendance is the highest in IRI’s history, with more than 1,500 participants including consumer packaged goods (CPG) retailers, manufacturers and marketers.

We revealed two new game-changing capabilities – a prescriptive analytics engine called Q-IRI™ and Shopper Marketing Cloud™, which will be the world’s largest integrated consumer, purchase and media data set. We also announced that IRI is now in China! In addition to acquiring a market research firm there with deep expertise in CPG and retail, we have an agreement with a leading Chinese retailer to launch the only point-of-sale (POS) measurement service in rural China.

Check out the summaries below or click this link to read the press releases.

IRI and Mu Sigma Join Forces to create Q-IRI, a Breakthrough Prescriptive Analytics Engine

IRI and Mu Sigma, the world’s largest pure-play big data analytics and decision sciences provider, will jointly develop Q-IRI™, powered by Mu Sigma, a new technology platform that will help marketers utilize prescriptive analytics in a fundamentally new way.

Q-IRI is a first-of-its-kind prescriptive analytics engine that will pinpoint growth opportunities for IRI clients, calculate the value of various actions and prioritize recommendations for marketing, sales, strategy and merchandizing professionals across a variety of industries.

IRI Shopper Marketing Cloud Paves the Way for Top-Line Growth

The IRI Shopper Marketing Cloud is expected to be the world’s largest integrated consumer, purchase and media data set built inside IRI’s leading Liquid Data™ technology platform and powered by Q-IRI™ prescriptive analytics engine for comprehensive planning, targeting, activating and measuring by fully linking media to store-level or online purchase.

IRI Acquires Datasea

We announced our acquisition of Datasea, one of China’s leading analytic services and market research companies. Datasea clients include CPG manufacturers and retailers, as well as companies in related industries, such as quick service restaurants (QSRs) and cosmetics.

IRI and New Cooperation Supermarket Launch First-of-Its-Kind POS Measurement Service

IRI also announced today that we have signed a multiyear agreement with New Cooperation Supermarket (NCS)a leading retailer in China, to launch the only point-of-sale (POS) measurement service in rural China.

The IRI and NCS collaboration will initially leverage a sub-segment of NCS’s more than 100,000 supermarket, hypermarket and convenience store outlets across China, bringing NCS and its valued consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturer partners the ability to identify tangible and actionable growth opportunities within these untapped areas. NCS focuses on smaller and midsized cities in China that in the past few years have outgrown the largest cities at a 2X pace.

Want to know more about what’s going on at IRI’s 2015 Summit? We’re tweeting live from the event, so be sure to follow us @iriworldwide and use #iri2015summit to find the latest news!

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